I have a confession.

I haven’t been sleeping well for a long, long time.

By a long, long time I mean at least seven months (perhaps longer… at this point I’m so exhausted I can’t remember that long ago…).  I didn’t sleep well in China because the beds were just too hard. Even though I’m back in the States now, I don’t sleep well.  It’s not that I don’t have an awesome host and roommate in Mal.  She gave us her spare room, a queen-size air mattress, and plenty of blankets.  It’s just that I’m in transition mode and can never fully relax.  All this to say, this afternoon once again finds me at Grounds and not just to enjoy coffee.  I’m here because I desperately need coffee to make it through today.


I think I look about as frazzled and exhausted as I feel, wouldn’t you agree?  Life keeps happening despite the fact that I can barely keep up.  On most days, I can handle being tired and function normally.  Today, however, my exhaustion combined with the confusion of what is going on in life right now and the fact that I babysat for 4 hours earlier (which meant getting up early) leaves me feeling very frazzled.  On the plus side, my coffee is finally cool enough to drink, and I know that will calm me down.  I also know that life is not nearly as dramatic as I feel it is right now.  Thank God for His never-ending provision and faithfulness.  Seriously, He looks out for me constantly, even when I’m not aware I need help.  So the point of the story is that even though I’m exhausted, God is good and faithful.  More on other adventures later!


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One response to “Frazzled”

  1. timkeen40 says :

    I can feel your pain literally. This post is going out at just shy of midnight. Yes, I am having a little trouble sleeping these days, too. I yawn my head off all evening until bed time and then, bam! Wide awake!
    Good luck with yours.

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