Feeling like a rockstar

Feeling like a rockstar is not an everyday occurrence in my life, which makes sense because I am not, in fact, a rockstar.  However, while driving throughout western Ohio on Sunday, I realized that last weekend marked the beginning of an 8 city “tour” (if you will) much like a rockstar.

The destinations on my "tour"

Throughout the month of March, I will visit all of these cities as I travel to see family and friends.  Until we leave for Florida (via North Carolina), John and I will still be based in Bowling Green, hence all the returning to good ole BG.

The first destination is Toledo, OH.  We attend Glass City Church there and travel up to Toledo every Sunday we are in BG.  Last Sunday, we also had lunch at the Berry’s house.  It was quite refreshing to hang out with friends and a delightful beginning to the travel the rest of the month holds.

After church, we headed down to Dayton, OH (after a brief stop in BG) to visit John’s family and return his mom’s phone.  It was good to see his family and spend some time with them.

Monday found us heading back up to BG to rest for a few days before heading out to Kent for the weekend to visit some friends there.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the “Kenters” this weekend!

Our return to Bowling Green will last until we depart for Durham for John.  I’ll be heading to Columbus to visit my Grandma (also can’t wait to see her!) then back to BG to see Cassie the same day.  I will also venture up to Ann Arbor  with my girl friends for a fun day trip.

March 27th marks our final departure from Bowling Green. 😦  We will drive down to Durham, NC to visit one of my friends before heading down to Bradenton, FL on the 28th.  We will spend a few days in Bradenton visiting John’s grandparents before hopping on a plane on the 31st and flying to Portland.  Our arrival at PDX will mark the end of our “tour” (and being homeless) and the beginning of the next adventure – life in Portland!  I’m super excited, though I will miss all of my dear friends and family here in the Midwest.

All of this travel makes me feel like a rockstar.  We’ll be living out of a suitcase and traveling around the country.  I love roadtrips and seeing new places (and old friends)!  I can’t wait!  I’ve decided to participate in the Post a Day project on this blog in addition to my other blog, so I’ll be keeping updated on the adventures of life on the road on a daily basis!

Do you have any trips planned?  Is there any specific aspect of my life and adventures that you would like to know about?


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