Working out, waking up, and wandering about

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“I know it’s burning” is a phrase I’ve begun to hear on a daily basis.  Every morning Lara Hudson says it as an encouragement to keep with a particular Pilates movement when I’m just about to give up and relax my body.  For a little over a month now, I’ve been doing Pilates at least five mornings a week with a 10 Minute Solution Pilates DVD.  Using one of these DVDs (I used one for a month then switched) has been an awesome way to ease into working out again because each DVD has five 10 minute segments.  I can do just one, all five, or any combination of the segments.  At the beginning, I started with just one.  Now I try to do two or three segments every morning and all five on Saturdays.  I’ve seen an improvement in my flexibility, a loss of excess body fat (just a little more to go), and a more toned (and therefore more sexy) appearance in the mirror.  But the real test of my fitness level came yesterday when I went to the gym with a friend.  I haven’t been to a gym in well over a year, and it’s been even longer since I lifted.  I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Mal because she works out regularly.  However, I was able to work out for the full hour and even lift 100 lbs with my legs on all the leg machines.  It was fantastic!  Also, I was pleasantly shocked this morning when I could move without pain.  Apparently doing Pilates on a daily basis is quite the healthy habit.  Once the weather warms up and I move to Portland, I want to begin biking and running in addition to Pilates.  I just can’t quite convince myself to run in the freezing cold quite yet.

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In addition to being committed to working out on a daily basis, I decided yesterday that I want to wake up at a reasonable hour to begin my day.  Since I’m freelancing at the moment, I’m not really required to get up and frequently wake up between 9 – 10 am and don’t get out the door until almost noon.  More often than not, this frustrates me because I don’t wind up getting much done.  So I decided to wake up no later than 8 am and actually get out the door at a reasonable time.  One of my friends also wants to start getting up early, so we decided to text each other by 7:30 am each morning to motivate each other.  To be honest, I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning if I didn’t have to text her.  Accountability is motivating.

To keep with the alliteration trend and the healthy habits, I’ve also been wandering about Bowling Green recently.  By wandering around, I mean walking more, but wandering about sounded cooler.  The temperature is slowly, but steadily, climbing, so I love leaving a bit early and walking wherever I need to be.  Since my Grandma gave me an iPod when I got back from China, I have sweet music to listen to on my walks, which I love.  Walking helps me clear my head and organize my thoughts.  There is something quite soothing about the rhythm of my feet hitting the pavement, which is also why I love to run.  I can’t wait until I can legitimately wander about and explore Portland.  A whole new world (ok, city) awaits!

What is your favorite workout?  Where would you wander about if you could?


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