Change of plans

Welp folks, there has been a change of plans.  I don’t know why I’m surprised really.  Life has a tendency to shift unexpectedly, throwing everything off balance.

Anyway, my rockstar eight city tour is now going to be a six city tour, which is more like an indie band tour.  Not that I have anything against indie bands.  In fact, I actually like indie banks quite a bit, so perhaps an indie band tour is really more up my alley now that I think about it.

Regardless of what kind of musician I feel like (is that my musical subconscious crying out for attention since I’ve sorely neglected it recently?), I am now only stopping in six cities on my way to Portland, OR.  That’s right folks, only six cities (like that’s not a lot ;)).  We had to cut the trip to Florida via Durham out of our travel plans for reasons I don’t really wish to get into at the moment.

This change of plans means that we are going to be in Ohio until we fly out to Portland on the 30th of March.  Oh right… the date change in our departure is part two of the change of plans.  We are now leaving a day earlier because the tickets were significantly cheaper to fly out on the 30th.  The cheapness of the tickets also depended on our willingness to arrive at the Columbus airport no later than 6 am, but such is life.  A few fewer hours of sleep won’t kill me (at least not yet), and I’ll more than likely sleep on the plane anyway.

Our new departure date leaves us with 19 days until we arrive in Portland, including today and the day we travel.  How time flies!  It hardly seems like almost seven weeks have passed since we returned to the States.  Absurdity.  I never thought we would be in Ohio this long, though I’ve definitely enjoyed my time.  I’m going to miss my friends dearly when I move, though I’m excited to explore Portland and develop new friendships.  Here’s to new adventures (some of which are caused by changes in plans)!


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