My apologies on the …ummm…. shall we say… tardiness of this update.  Yes, tardiness is definitely the word.  I’ve been in Portland for almost a week, and yet I’ve shared nothing with you.

In a word, Portland is amazing.  Beautiful.  Delightful.  Spectacular.  Awesome.  Seriously though, Portland, with its foot hills, city parks, and blooming flowers is breath-taking.  My new header is across the street from one of the downtown Max (think above ground subway, the technical term is light rail) stations.  Natural beauty is abounding everywhere.

After a long, long, long weekend of waiting, John got a job this morning!  I’m still looking/waiting to hear back… which endlessly frustrates me since I want to work.  However, now that one of us has a job, we can actually get an apartment (once we provide proof of income)!  We found the ideal place, near public transportation, in the same section of the city as our friend(s), and with a sweet layout.  Oh and the first month’s rent is free (which is most important at this point).  So yeah, it’s all gonna work out and be okay.  I still need a job, but at least we won’t be homeless, which is always a pleasant thing. 🙂

More details will follow shortly, I promise!


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