A second interview and a second first interview

Welp folks, my “interviews” are done, but just for the day.  🙂

I stopped by The Hof this morning to meet the manager.  While he enjoyed meeting me, he had literally just hired someone.  He said that he would keep my resume on file in case he needed someone starting in the summer.  Although not getting a job was disappointing, I almost had a sense of relief because The Hof is about an hour away from the apartment we are hoping to move into.

From The Hof, I picked up the Blue Max line and transfered onto the Green Max line on my way to Clackamas Town Center, the mall where I was scheduled to interview at The Shop at 2 pm.  Since I arrived at Panera an hour early, I decided to file our Bowling Green city taxes to distract me from being nervous.  There’s nothing quite like taxes to keep you occupied. 🙂

Just before 2 pm, I headed into the mall for the interview.  At ~ 3:05 pm, I walked out with a job pending a second interview at the store downtown!  I’m so excited!  In addition, I have an interview at a Coffee Shop later this week or early next week.

To end the day on a high note, the apartment complex agreed to hold our apartment until Friday even though today was supposed to be the last day that we could hold it.  Unfortunately, we have to pay Lo’s landlord $15 a night to stay until we move out, which is frustrating since we are quite, quite, quite low money.  However low we may be on money, God will provide; He always does.

I’ll keep you updated!


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2 responses to “A second interview and a second first interview”

  1. Bernadette Wiggin says :

    Hey Rachel! I am sooooo excited for you and those job possibilities. I’ll be praying for you! And I promise to email you soon, things have been unbelievably busy these past few weeks and I am just trying to survive them.


  2. Rachel says :

    Thanks Bernz! I look forward to email chatting with you! I might even call you soon…. 🙂

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