Job prospects

For the past two weeks, I’ve been sorely absent from my blog.  To be honest, all the stress and emotions from moving, staying in the same room with my friend, and looking for apartments and jobs have been overwhelming.  It’s not an excuse; I should still have blogged.  Though I haven’t been blogging, I have been writing and will publish a series called “And so our life begins…” recounting all of our adventures in the past few weeks.  For some strange reason, I find it easier to write by hand in a journal than I do to type anything, so writing by hand is how I’ve coped with the massive life change that is moving across the country, being without our own place to live, and searching for jobs.

Anyway, today I actually have job prospects!  I have a “please stop by to meet the manager” this morning at a local coffee shop and an interview with The Shop at the mall near both Lo’s house and the apartment that’s almost ours at 2 pm.  In addition to these “interviews” I know that several Coffee Shop managers will be reviewing my application in the next few days.  Though I’m not holding my breath anymore (I would have passed out about a week ago), I am cautiously optimistic.  If one of these jobs does work out, we should be able to present proof of income to the apartment complex and sign a lease!

I’ll update you all later after my interview!  Stay tuned!


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