The waiting game

I have good news to report today!  Lots of good new actually….

  1. My second interview at The Shop went really well last night!
  2. I have a job interview at yet another Coffee Shop on Tuesday at 4pm.
  3. The apartment complex agreed to extend the hold on our apartment until at least Monday.

While we do have to wait until at least Monday to receive an offer letter (managers like to take the weekends off… who knew?) and give it to the apartment complex so we can sign a lease, at least we didn’t lose the apartment.  I also have three serious job prospects.  Though it is frustrating to have to continue to wait, God is providing.  We have a roof over our head and food to eat.  So that’s good.

Over the weekend, I’ll edit and publish stories about our adventures here.  They involve the low-down on both the apartment and job searching, as well as restaurants and cultural differences/observations about life here in the Pacific NW.  Stay tuned!


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