Wait… what?

Was there ever a time in your life during which you felt as if you were the last person in the world to find out something about related to or about you?

Well I feel like that right now.  I had my interview with Boss Man (who shall remain nameless) on Monday at 3pm.  The interview went really, really well.  At the end, he said he would contact by Thursday.  While I wanted to be hired instantaneously, I know that there is a corporate procedure to follow.

However, as Lo and I drove to her apartment, she told me that she asked Boss Man if I got the job.  He said that I did.  Also, he told her to tell me to have a um… shall we say… less than good interview with the Other Manager (also to remain nameless) on Tuesday.  Encouraged by this, while simultaneously wishing Boss Man would just hire me, I decided to focus on Tuesday while I waited.

While I was in the shower Tuesday morning, I missed a call from the Other Manager.  He left a voicemail saying that he had spoken with Boss Man and wanted to postpone my interview until after I heard back from Boss Man.

Wait… what?

Boss Man told both Lo and the Other Manager that he was going to hire me, but still hasn’t told me.  Really?  Why am I the last person to find out?  While I’m happy (overjoyed really) that I have a job, I would really love for Boss Man to tell me so that he can give me an offer letter and let me get started with training.  Once I have an offer letter, I can sign a lease on an apartment finally!  Signing a lease has been a long time coming, and I can’t wait to actually do so.  Also, I could use a paycheck, which will come only after I start training.  Both the apartment and the paycheck are much needed at this point, so I would love to know that I have a job, meaning I would love for Boss Man to officially hire me.

In the meantime, I’ve been traversing through the interview process at The Shop.  It’s been quite the unique experience.  When I first stopped by to check on the status of my application, I was told that the position had been filled.  Less than a week later, I got a call from Hiring Manager (yet another person to remain nameless, but will also be known as Midwestern Manager in future posts).  We more or less had a first interview on the phone for a permanent part-time position, and at the end of the call, she asked if I could come in the next day to officially interview.  Last Tuesday, we had a great interview, and at the conclusion of the interview she told me that she wanted me to meet Second Manager for a second interview.  So on Wednesday when Second Manager called, we scheduled an interview for Thursday night, during which we had a fantastic litte chat.  She said that she would talk with Hiring Manager over the weekend since Hiring Manager had the next few days off.

Two days ago, after giving Second and Hiring Managers the weekend and Monday to converse, I called to follow up with Hiring Manager.  She was thrilled to hear from me, saying that I was on her list to call that day.  In fact, would it be possible for me to wear all black and come in on Wednesday to work on the floor a bit and meet the District Manager?  That way, the District Manager would have a face to put with a name when she conducts our phone interview early next week. I agreed to come in and had a lot of fun doing so.  It was relaxing and encouraging since Hiring Manager and Curly-haired Coworker seemed to really like me.  Also, both Hiring Manager and District Manager appreciated my flexibility and willingness to come in.  I suppose we’ll find out just how much District Manager likes me during my interview next week.  After that interview, I think I should be offered a job.  If not, I’ll at least know what to expect from interviews after the extensive process I’ve been through!  While the process if a tad frustrating since I really need a job, I totally understand and respect the process and the fact that The Shop cares enough about its employees and its company to make sure that each and every person hired really fits the company.

So it is now Thursday, and I am still waiting for a job (a.k.a. a phone call from Boss Man).  I’ll let you know when I finally obtain employment!


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