Tuesday Thoughts

After more than a month of “vacation” (aka writer’s block) from blogging, I’m back!

And I’ve decided to reformat my blog once again… this time I have focus, so hopefully it will stick!  Each day will have a specific theme; for instance, Tuesdays will be a day for me to post my thoughts on the world around me.  I really just liked the alliteration of Tuesday thoughts.  I’m a nerd at heart, what can I say?  I may decide to share other random thoughts, perspectives, pictures, music, recipes, whatever in addition to each day’s themed post, but I make no promises.  Time will tell, I suppose.

Anyway, today’s thoughts are fairly basic.  I’m back to blogging, with a new focus and purposeful intention that I feel like I’d lost since returning from China.  I’m also starting a new project with my husband that will be unveiled soon!  I would tell you to hold your breath in anticipation, but since it may take a few days to get up and running, I don’t want any of you to pass out…  Additionally, I have a few more writing projects under way that I’m sure I’ll share with you all soon!  Until then, I have one question for all of you.  What would you like to see on this blog?  Are there any themes, ideas, or adventures you would like me to share?  I’d absolutely love your feedback!


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