Favorite Five Friday

Today, and every Friday, I’m going to share a list of five favorite things from the past week… that is unless I’ve had so many favorite things that I share fifteen favorite things!  Normally, I’ll include pictures, but since I forgot to take my camera with me this week, I don’t really have any.  Shame on me.

  1. Sunny, bright, warm Portland days!  I love the rain here, but having the occasional sunny day is simply delightful!  Sunny days always remind me of God’s comfort and encourage me; I love it!
  2. Candles.  John surprised me and let me pick out one Yankee candle, as well as some tealights and tealight holders from Target.  I got the Vanilla Lime candle, which is a fantastic, fresh scent!  And I love the tealights!  We mixed and matched five holders; I love the way they look in our bedroom.
  3. French press.  My friend gave us a French press this week!  It is lovely.  While I love the pour-over filter we had been using, the taste of French pressed coffee is so much smoother.
  4. Lunch dates with new friends.  Or just hanging out with new friends.  God has blessed us with some new friends who are an encouragement to us.
  5. Good music.  I downloaded Coldplay‘s new single, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, this week.  Love it!  I think Coldplay is successfully branching out into new sounds, improving upon the sound they began to develop in their last album.

There you have it for this week!  Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned for a tale of my adventures tomorrow!


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