Five favorites

I’m going to begin with a disclaimer.  I would normally use pictures for posts of my favorite things, but since I’m writing this post more or less on the fly I won’t be using pictures.  I just don’t really feel right about images from a Google search unless I’m using them to make a specific point, which I wouldn’t in this case because my five favorite things this week are not from Google images.

Enough of that!  Onward to my most fabulous list! 🙂

1. Fall – in the past few days the weather in Portland has finally decided to chill out and become more fallish, which I absolutely adore!  Fall is my favorite season, and I cannot wait for the leaves to begin changing around here.  It should be simply spectacular since there are so many trees in Oregon!  However, the turn in the weather has caused a special alert to be issued – it’s fall and therefore not the best time to climb mountains due to precipitation.  Yup.

2.  Long conversations with friends – not only do I enjoy long conversations with friends in the Eastern Standard Time Zone (where most of my college friends live), I have also been thoroughly enjoying conversations with new friends here!  And much to my delight, several friends recently visited, so I’ve had a fantastic few weeks of real, long conversations covering almost every topic imaginable.  It’s been encouraging and refreshing.  I love keeping in contact with old friends (though admittedly I’m quite bad at calling them) and developing friendships with people here in Oregon.

3. Soup – the chillier weather has meant that I have definitely made soup more than I care to admit in the past few weeks.  I love soup!  And I’m always looking for good soups, restaurants that serve good soup, and soup recipes… so if you have any to share, please do!

4.  Reading a book, especially cover-to-cover – I love reading.  And since I’ve graduated and work part-time as a barista, I have plenty of time to read and access to not one, but two separate county libraries!  Also, I live across the street from a Barnes and Noble… as far as reading goes, life couldn’t get much better unless I somehow had an unlimited book budget… now that would be fantastic!  Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot (sometimes I even finish a book in a one sitting!  My favorite :)) and expanding the genres and types of books beyond what I would normally read.  And as with soup recipes, I’m always looking for recommendations… anyone know of any really great books I should read?

5. New experiences – the past month has been full of new experiences.  Hosting friends for the first time as a couple.  Going to the Japanese Garden in Portland.  Trying several new restaurants.  Exploring Portland and discovering coffee shops.  It’s been glorious!  I love trying new things and finding new favorites, though sometimes I am simply reminded of why I love what I already know.  New experiences are rad… I suppose that is why I’ve lived in China, moved to a new city, tried a new job, and pursued varied interests all within the past year.

That wraps up my five favorites for this past week!  I’m going to try to post this list every Friday and include pictures for your viewing pleasure!  What are somethings you delight in?


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2 responses to “Five favorites”

  1. broadsideblog says :

    Nice list…I’d agree with all of these. One of my favorite soups is carrot-yogurt (sounds horrible, but not) from the vegetarian epicure Part II; it has a lot of Indian spices. Vichysssoise is dead easy…

    Selfish idea…read my new book! It’s a memoir of working retail (including a story from a former barista)..

  2. Rachel says :

    Thanks I’ll check it out!

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