Five Favorites

Today was a lazy day – you know the kind of day… jeans and a hoodie, hair pulled into ponytail, eating breakfast for all three meals (cinnamon rolls, eggs & hash browns, and cereal respectively) kind of day.  Despite that, I did manage to both get some work done as well as write this post of five favorites from my week.

Cranberry Peach Pecan Scone at Bipartisan Cafe

Leftover sunflowers from a photo shoot that I put into wine and champagne bottles.

The African violet my husband surprised me with!

Personalized wrapping for a baby shower gift that I thought of all by myself.

Daffodils that brighten my day despite the Portland gloominess 🙂


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2 responses to “Five Favorites”

  1. Ariel Price says :

    Oh dear… I think my every day is a lazy day. Those African violets are so sweet!

  2. beingjulz says :

    Nice post. My daffodils aren’t blooming yet but soon hopefully. I look forward to perusing through the rest of your blog when I’ve got a bit more time… sometimes my “real” job requires attention. 😉 Hope you have a good Monday.

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